Graduation Hat Package



Graduation Hat Material Packages

Celebrate your milestone in style with our Graduation Hat Material Packages, available in two charming styles: Cartoon Toy and Fake Flower. Each package comes complete with a classic graduation hat, ready to be personalized with your choice of decorations.

Cartoon Toy Style: Add a playful touch to your graduation cap with our Cartoon Toy style. This package includes a variety of cute and colorful toy figures that easily attach to your hat, perfect for showcasing your fun side on your big day.

Fake Flower Style: Opt for an elegant flourish with our Fake Flower style. This selection features a beautiful assortment of faux flowers, offering a sophisticated and timeless look. The flowers are designed for easy attachment, allowing you to create a stunning floral arrangement on your cap.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Graduation Hat (standard adult size, adjustable)
  • Decorative materials in your chosen style
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for attaching the decorations

Perfect For:

  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Graduation photoshoots
  • Keepsakes

Celebrate this significant achievement with a personalized touch. Choose your style and make your graduation hat uniquely yours!


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