Cathy’s Flower House Kit


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Embrace Nature with Cathy’s Flower House Kit: Dive into the charm of our beloved Cathy’s Flower House DG104, a treasure trove from Rolife’s DIY miniature collection. Craft your own serene oasis with an array of delightful mini plants, blossoming flowers, and quaint garden accessories. From rustic slatted crates and chic wooden cabinets to whimsical photo frames and handy garden tools, every piece brings a smile and a whisper of nature’s magic. Your kit comes ready with everything needed to embark on this crafting adventure. Assemble this enchanting flower house and spread the joy it kindles to your loved ones. Ready, set, bloom!

Craft Where You’re Most Inspired: Choose the perfect crafting experience for you—bring the magic of creation into your home or join us at the Crafts Zone studio. While we’re thrilled to offer space for crafting in our studio, please note that seats cannot be guaranteed due to traffic and project duration. Regardless, we warmly invite you to enjoy the wonderful journey of crafting your kit with us, embracing moments of creativity and connection.

*Please note: To embrace sustainability and ensure safe shipping, our kits arrive without glue, paint, and batteries. We recommend eco-friendly glue and ivory white paint to bring your miniature world to life. Let creativity blossom!


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