DIY Candle

Around 1 hour
You can collect it within 3 days. We’ll hold it for up to a month due to limited space, after which it will be donated.


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Illuminate your creative spirit at Crafts Zone with our Candle Making Activity! This engaging session invites you to delve into the craft of candle making, perfect for beginners and those looking to add a personal touch to their home or find a thoughtful, handmade gift. Experience the joy of creating your own candles, choosing from a variety of scents and colors to match any mood or decor.

Elevate Your Craft Every Friday: Join our exclusive Advanced Dry Flower Candle Making Workshop! Perfect for those looking to enhance their skills, this session introduces the delicate art of incorporating dry flowers into candles, creating exquisite pieces that serve as elegant gifts or sophisticated additions to your home decor.

Why Join?

  • Create bespoke candles and advanced dry flower candles.
  • Perfect for all skill levels.
  • Unique gift idea and elegant home decor solution.
  • All materials provided, ensuring a seamless crafting experience.

Reserve your spot now for a chance to explore the art of candle making and elevate your craft with our special Friday workshops. Light up your creativity at Crafts Zone!

(Estimated Time: 1 Hour)

From Ancient Egyptians

The earliest use of candles is often attributed to the Ancient Egyptians, who made rushlights or torches by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat.


Special Fragrance 90%
Delayed Pickup 96%
Not Kids Friendly 94%


  • I have a group of 10. Should I do a private event or simply book for activity group?

    If you don't require a private room and are comfortable with an unfamiliar client sitting near your team, you can opt for a standard activity group booking.

  • Are there any minimums for private groups?

    Yes, we have a minimum of 6 attendees per private events.

  • Is there an age limit to workshops?

    All our workshops are designed to be accessible to a broad audience of ages 12 and up.

  • Is parking at the Brookline store convenient?

    We have street parking available for your convenience, and there is also a garage behind the CVS Pharmacy, offering additional parking options. This revision ensures your response is clear, concise, and grammatically correct.

  • What's your cancellation or rescheduling policy for reservations?

    Cancellations or rescheduling requests must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. This version makes it clear that the action (cancellations or rescheduling requests) needs to happen a minimum of 24 hours ahead of the appointment.

  • Q: When can I collect my crafts after leaving them in the studio for drying?

    You can pick up crafts left in our studio for drying after 3 days. We won’t notify you when they're ready.

  • How long will my crafts be stored at the studio if I'm unable to collect them immediately?

    We can only hold them for a maximum of one month due to limited storage space.

  • Are refunds available if my craft breaks or if I change my mind?

    No refunds post-craft start; for damages, repair help available. Handle with care.

  • Do I need to bring materials during the craft session?

    No, there’s no need to bring anything; we provide all materials. However, you’re welcome to bring your own. Please note, we can’t refund unused personal materials.

  • Do you offer any special promotions or discounts?

    Absolutely! We have loyalty card available, and we offer a variety of promotions year-round. Follow us on Instagram or visit our website often to catch the latest offers.

  • If I'm new to your store, which project do you recommend for a first-timer?

    For those new to our creative haven, we suggest delving into Tufting rugs, Decoden cream crafting, Wood crafting, Fluid art, Texture painting, or Candle Making. Each offers a unique journey into creativity, perfect for sparking your artistic flame!

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