Before You Start: Tufting Projects

1. For The Starter

  • The age limit of tufting projects is 15 years old. *
  • Learn about tufting patterns from sample pictures.
  • Sketch/Find your own images to tuft. Discuss with the staff and adjust the image to your level.
  The time span of tufting varies widely from person to person because of the diversity of the image, the size and shape, and how fast one gets familiar with the tufting gun. Adjusting the image to the characteristics of tufting guns and your level would better assume an enjoyable experience.

2. Process Explained

  Choose the image > Project image > Trace image >Choose yarn color.
  Learn how to tuft > Practice and start to tuft > Done tufting and clean up yarns
  Release the canvas from the frame > Cut and glue backing fabric > Project Done!

3. Getting Ready

  • Please connect to store Wi-Fi for the staff to help you project the image onto the canvas. (password on the table)
  • Make all lines defined clearly when you trace the image onto the canvas.
  • Don’t worry if you make a mistake, the marks will not be seen at all on the results. Just remember to tufting along the final lines later.
  • If you need to change to a new canvas, a $10 fee would apply. (This rarely happens)
  • Choose the colors. Important: Explain to the staff how you are distributing the colors in order to make sure there is enough amount of each color for your image.

4. How to Tuft

  • Your safety is the first priority. Turn off the tufting gun before it’s off your hands every time.
  • Tufting gun only goes forward. Fill the shape with straight lines. Go slowly and turn the gun gradually to make curves. (like turning a bicycle)
  • Keep putting pressure against the canvas to balance the recoil of the tufting gun.
  • The gun should be diagonal to the canvas. Make sure your arms and body are flexible to maintain that position.

5. During tufting

  • Consult our staff if you encounter any difficulties. We are there to figure things out with you.
  • Let the staff re-stretch the canvas if the tension is lost.

6. Done for the Day

  • Congratulations on a brand-new experience!
  • Let the staff take a document photo and pack for you.
  • Check out at the front desk.
  • If you cannot finish on the day, you are welcome to revisit the store to continue on weekdays(1p-8p) Take a picture of your work in progress, leave a note and see you next time! Note info: Name/Cell Number/Description of the items (image/color/frame size)/Date: mmddyyyy
A $10 cleaning fee would apply to each Workstage for severely tangled yarn/waste of yarn/carpet glue stains.
An unfinished project left in the store should be done within 45 days. Overdue items will be handled at the full discretion of Crafts Zone.
Pictures of your work in progress are required when you come to continue the project.
*Tufting projects are available to individuals under 14 years old with parental consent and adult supervision. The accompanying adult assumes responsibility for both individuals’ safety. Staff reserve the right to decline participation at their discretion.
Thank you for creating happy memories with Crafts Zone.