Before You Start: Fluid Art Projects

1. For the Starter

  • Choose the Base.
  • Choose color. (Based on your project, choose 3-4 color, additional color is$7/bottle)
  • View the tutorial to the type of base you choose. (QR codes on the wall)
  • Fluid Art needs to dry for 1.5-2 days. Use the post-it in the room to make a note.
  • Note info: Name/Cell Number/Description of the items (base type and color)/Date: mmddyyyy


2. Put on Protection

  • Fluid art paints contain special glue and shine enhancer and can be harder to clean than regular acrylic paints. Put on aprons and gloves if you prefer!

3. Process Recap & Tips

  • Find a spot that you can pinch the base stably (to move the base onto a drying tray at the end)
  • Check the balance of the item > Paint the base color on to difficult corners (to prevent blank spot after pouting > soak the brush in water when you are done
  • Prepare the paint: Layer your colors in a cup. Use the bamboo stick to create just a little bit pattern, but not too much. We want to see color layered on your base, so avoid mixing!
  • Pour > Move the piece to the drying tray, balance it on the stick > finish the blank spot with remaining paint > Done.
  • Tip: Tilt your base and pour from bottom to top, revolve and turn to check from every angle.
  • Please note that you won’t be able to change the position of the Gloomy bear after you start pouring.

4. Start the flow!

  • Important! Be sure to leave the spot untouched by the paint throughout the process.
  • Tip: Keep holding on to the spot will help you remember to avoid that spot and keep changing the angle to check the paint coverage constantly.
  • It’s impossible to fully control the pattern. Let free fluid participate in your creation!

5. Done Crafting

  • Leave the note next to your item. To pick up multiple items together, indicate each item (base type and color) on the note.
  • Check out at the front desk.

6. When You Pick Up

  • Show the picture and our staff will bring your art piece to you!
  • Feel free to use the markers in the store to decorate.
  • If you wish to decorate your bear with ribbons/charms/dry flowers, our staff are always there to help! fee will apply according to the usage.

A $15 fee would apply when there’s fluid art paint on the floor.

Any item left in the store to dry/cool/cure should be picked within 30 days. Overdue items will be handled at the full discretion of Crafts Zone.

Pictures of your item are required at pick up.

Thank you for creating happy memories with Crafts Zone.