Before You Start: Decoden Cream Projects

1. For The Starter

  • Choose the Base.
  • Choose cream. (Based on your project, 1 or 2 bags of cream included, additional cream is$10/bag)
  • Prepare the box.
  • View our tutorial to the base you choose and the tutorial on how to pipe. (QR codes on the wall)

2. About Charms

  • All the flat-back charms are included, metal charms are $1ea, 3D charms are $3-$7ea.
  • Pick a tray, choose 15 charms for a small base/25 charm for a big base to start with.
  • Design with charms, take a picture if you are finished with designing.
  • Pick more charms if you need more!
  • Please put back excess charms to corresponding drawers before you proceed to the cream.

3. Creaming & Piping

  • Choose a tip for each cream and put the tips between two bags.
  • Practice piping on paper.
  • Make sure to tape the edges for a certain base to prevent excess cream, which might block the lid from opening or holes for cable! Review the tutorial if you need.

4. Touch Up with Sprinkles

  • Sprinkles are tiny and delicate. Please handle with care.
  • Use the cap of the sprinkles as a tray or pick out sprinkles directly from the bottle with a tweezer.

5. Done Crafting

  • Double check if every charm is attached or standing still.
  • Pour excess sprinkles back into the bottles.
  • Put back the charms you didn’t use. Leave the charms on the table if it has irremovable cream or stain.

6. All Set to Go with Your Creation!

  • Let the staff take a documentation photo for your item and help you pack the item into the box.
  • Check out at the front desk.
  • Please keep the box level and avoid shaking until you put it somewhere safe.
  • Allow 7 days for the cream to be fully cured then enjoy using it!
  • In certain cases, you could not take the item with you. Please leave a note and take a picture of your item and pick it up within 30 days. Note info: Name/Cell Number/Description of the items (base type and color/charm style)/Date: mmddyyyy

A $15 fee would apply to each Workstage for mixed sprinkles, stained or spilled accessories or cream on the floor.

Any item left in the store to dry/cool/cure should be picked within 30 days. Overdue items will be handled at the full discretion of Crafts Zone.

Pictures of your item are required at pick up.

Thank you for creating happy memories with Crafts Zone.