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I’ve never been one to sit still. Having spent 14 years in the United States, I’ve tried skiing, hunting, rock climbing, skydiving, and clubbing… Yet, I always felt there was something missing—a tranquil space where I could relax and share beautiful moments with my friends, loved ones, and family. Thus, in the summer of 2022, Crafts Zone was born. It has since brought joy to over ten thousand individuals. If you’re curious about how we achieved this, keep reading to discover more.

Story of Bella

I vividly recall my initial visit to Crafts Zone, which coincidentally was on Valentine’s Day. In search of a memorable place to celebrate the occasion, I turned to Google Maps and found Crafts Zone. Despite being fully booked, the experience was exceptional. The staff’s patience and the store’s elegant ambiance made me feel valued and cared for. This visit sparked a deep desire within me to become part of Crafts Zone. I was determined to share the emotional richness and joy that Crafts Zone had offered me with others.

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As a business owned by women and minorities, we take pride in showcasing local artisans, offering walk-in DIY arts and crafts, and hosting a variety of fantastic workshops! Founded on the principles of sustainability, appreciation for nature, and fostering connections through creativity, we source materials globally to bring you a diverse selection. Join us for an unparalleled shopping experience and the ideal venue for crafting with family and friends. Plus, we’re open for booking private events, birthday parties, and team-building activities.




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