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Tufting Instruction

  1. Select the size of canvas you prefer to craft.

  2. 20 * 20 inch / 50 * 50 cm

  3. 31 * 24 inch / 80 * 60 cm

  4. 40 * 40 inch / 100 * 100 cm

  5. 47 * 40 inch / 120 * 100 cm

  6. Select the picture you would like to craft.

  7. It will be more complicated if the picture has more details, such as eyes.

  8. You can select the picture on our Idea Gallery or send your picture to our store assistant.

  9. Sketch your selected picture on the canvas.

  10. Please read carefully for the following safety instruction and tips for tufting guns:

  11. The tufting gun can only move one way on the canvas. The direction is always at the top of the gun.

  12. The front handle needs to hold steady, and the rear handle needs to press for tufting.

  13. You can give a little space between the two colors so that your carpet will not mix the color.

  14. You don’t need to pull out the hair during the process. It will be better to fix it after you finish all tufting later.

  15. The tufting gun should always be kept 90 degrees with the canvas.

  16. Please feel free to take practice on the drafting canvas in the tufting zone.

  17. Start tufting. We suggest you craft it by order of extensive area color to slight area color. Focus on the edge at the end.

  18. Remove the protection stripe on the frame and take off the canvas. Please put back all the tools to their original position.

  19. Bring your canvas to Ending Zone and put the front side down on the table.

  20. Cut your canvas based on the overall shape. Please keep a 1-inch-wide edge of your crafts. And split the extra edge around 1-2 inches in length.

  21. Stick the extra edge canvas to the back of the canvas with the hot glue gun.

  22. Spread the glue to the whole back area and use the dryer to make the glue dry easily.

  23. Cut the back fabric based on the shape of your crafts. It should be a little small than your crafts.

  24. Spread the 3M glue on the surface of the back fabric and stick the hot glue on the edge of the back fabric.

  25. Stick the back fabric with your crafts altogether. You can use your hand to give a push for every single area to ensure the strength of the glue.

  26. Face up your crafts, and adjust the hair to ensure they look smooth.

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