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Perler Beads Crafting Instruction

  1. Select one picture you like to craft. You can find it in our Idea Gallery or bring your own.

  2. Please pick up the beads you need by the plate we provide.

  3. Get a tweezer.

  4. Select a base pad.

  5. Please use the tweezer to layout beads on the base pad. (We recommend making the shape first)

  6. After you complete the crafting, prepare 2 Ironing paper and Irons.

  7. Set the temperature to low mode. Feel free to ask our store assistant if you need help.

  8. Lay down the Ironing paper on the top of the crafts. Use your Iron to smooth the crafts gently and slowly.

  9. Confirm if every single bead sticks on the Ironing paper. Then turn it over to back face up.

  10. Lay down another Ironing paper on the back of the crafts. Smooth it with the Iron.

  11. Wait for a couple of minutes. You can pick the decorations you like, such as a keychain, hair clip, or magnet sticker.

  12. Install your key chain, magnet sticker, or use hot glue to stick your decorations.

  13. Please put all tools back to their original position after you finish crafting.

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