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Fluid Art Instruction

  1. Please take a disposable apron and wear it to avoid spoiling your clothes. Place a disposable tablecloth on your table.

  2. Please take a pair of disposable gloves and wear them to avoid staining on your hands (Please don't worry if you accidentally get the color on your hands, all our pigments use water-soluble, non-toxic, and harmless super pigments. Feel free to go to the Cleaning Zone to rinse them)

  3. Please select a base model:

  4. Gloomy Bear (large, medium, or trim)

  5. Extra-large gloomy Bear

  6. Gloomy bear key pendant

  7. Kaws

  8. Sesame Street Edition

  9. Tell our studio assistant how you would pack it. We offer two options for you:

  10. Frosted plastic packaging bags -- $2

  11. Exquisite gift boxes -- $10

  12. Let it dry in our studio after you did the crafting for at least 48 hours. And pick it up any time you want.

  13. Please go to the color area to choose your favorite color. (There is no limit on colors. However, we recommended 2-3 colors for the best practice)

  14. 23 cm model -- 3 bottle colors recommended

  15. 33 cm model -- 5 bottle colors recommended

  16. 53 cm model -- 9 bottle colors recommended

  17. Please put the selected white embryo model into the prepared tray cover with the disposable tablecloths, and prepare to mix the paint color.

  18. Take the cup prepared in front of you and start to mix the paint.

  19. Important tips! The first poured paint can be regarded as the model's base color, and the model shows the most color after pouring. Then continue to pour the other selected colors along the wall of the cup in turn. (if you want the model to have a solid color, while For variegated colors, the solid-color side can be directly poured with solid color pigments)

  20. We recommended using a small brush first to paint the armpits and bottom feet. And then pour the prepared paint on the model. You can lie down the white embryo model, fluid the waist and arm, and stand the model up and pour it from top to bottom. That is the best part of it! Tips: Please don't fluid it repeatedly to affect the result; it will be easy to crack since it is too thick!

  21. Check the model to see if any place is not covered with paint; if so, please choose tools according to personal preference and fill in the blank areas. (We provide small brushes, spoons, and droppers)

  22. Tips: If you want the model to have a star-like effect, you can use your fingers or a brush to stain the paint and bounce it on the model

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