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DIY Clothes Instruction

  1. Select the color and size of your T-shirt

  2. Select your favorite stickers and decorations (Hot stamping stickers are brighter. Cold stamping stickers contain matte texture)

  3. Design and allocate your accessories.

  4. Iron the heat transfer sticker by the press for about 10 seconds. Adjust the pressure of the ironing machine to ensure there is no gap when pressing.

  5. The hot foil needs to be peeled off when it is hot within 10 seconds. The cold foil needs to be cooled for 1 minute before tearing off.

  6. Check the price of extra accessories. You can sew signs or accessories by hand and sew them with a sewing machine.

  7. Please cool down for 10 minutes and ask our studio assistant to help you pack it.

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