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Decoden Cream Crafting Instruction

  1. Confirm with store sales which product you want to craft:

  2. Phone Case

  3. Mirror

  4. Photo Frame

  5. Clock

  6. Pencil Case

  7. Hand Mirror &

  8. Alarm Clock

  9. Pen Holder

  10. Jewelry Box

  11. Hair Clip

  12. Hari Decoration Clip

  13. Pick up TWO colors of Decoden Cream. You can pay extra for additional color. Make sure you have all the following tools:

  14. Decoden Mouth

  15. Scissors

  16. Toothpick

  17. Tape

  18. Scratching knife

  19. Scratching pad

  20. Pick up the decoration parts into the small plate as needed.

  21. Allocate your picked decorations into the desired position on the table.

  22. Install the decode mouth, then practice on the plain paper with your desired shape.

  23. Sanitize the surface of the item you plan to craft. Please make sure to cover every single corner.

  24. Use your Decoden cream in your desired way. Gently put the decorations on the Decoden cream. You can find more tutorial videos on our website.

  25. Please put your crafts into the oven at 210 F for 6 minutes when you finish the crafting.

  26. Ask our store assistant to help you check out. The crafts need additional seven days, in general, to completely dry.

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