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Couple Handprint Instruction

Materials needed:

  • Pigments (our pigments are all non-toxic and harmless water-soluble super pigments, which can be used with confidence)

  • Drawing paper (we provide three-ply thickened paper in uniform size, which it can cut to fit the palm of your hand).

  • Photo frame (we provide three sizes of photo frames, large, medium, and small, which can select according to the size of the handprint paper)

  • Coloring brushes (we provide different types of brushes, you can choose according to personal preference)

The process of making happy memories:

  1. Choose pigments (we offer full-color soluble pigments)

  2. Determine the paint: first, get the paint into a palette or a small dish (we provide two, you can choose according to different personal preferences)

  3. Coloring: apply to the entire palm or gently dip the palm into the container of paint; please note that the paint should not be too thin; the color will be more saturated (About the handprint: the one who uses the right-hand print should let the other party paint their hand; if the handprint overlaps, wait for the first handprint to dry before printing the second handprint)

  4. Date: This can be written according to the date you want to commemorate

  5. Draw first with a pencil and then with paint.

  6. Phrases: You can write your favorite sentences on any part of the paper according to your personal preference. Again, trace with a pencil and then paint.

Frame: Please note that you must wait for the paint to dry before putting it into the frame so it won't stick to the frame! !!

Tip: Add a stick figure for even better results!

Please hurry up and grab your favorite object and let's do it together~~

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