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Aromatherapy Plaster Decorate Instruction

  1. Please make sure you wear gloves before starting crafting.

  2. Scale 150-gram gypsum powder.

  3. Scale 45-gram water. (Gypsum/water ratio is 10:3. e.g., 10 g gypsum need 3 g water)

  4. Drop-in aroma/color into the water. Mix it gently.

  5. Drop-in gypsum powder into the Step 4 water. Mix it well.

  6. Fill out the selected model 3-5 times until it is complete.

  7. Use a toothpick to clean up the edge of the model.

  8. Shake the model gently and lightly to remove the air bubbles.

  9. Write your information on the note card. The aroma gypsum needs 48 hours to completely dry. Please come back after two days to pick up your crafts.

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